It’s a Visual World, Get The Most Out of Your Real Estate Pictures


It happens so often, and it’s frustrating.

Real estate agents are using their cell phones as cameras to market their listings. When did this become acceptable practice?

I’ve actually seen this happen in person. An agent will pull up to what’s likely someone’s biggest financial asset, oftentimes in a luxury vehicle (I’m more of a Honda guy, myself), and whips out his/her iPhone or Galaxy S for quick snapshots.

No photographer. No DSLR. A cell phone.

Sure enough, the next day, those unflattering photos show up on Zillow with caps-lock descriptions laced with excessive exclamation points. Capital letters and overused punctuation never sold a house.

Pictures on the other hand…well, other than pricing, they’re probably the most important component to selling a house.


The Importance of Using Good Pictures When Selling a House

According to the National Association of Realtors44% of all home buyers start the real estate process with online searches.

That means that nearly half of all the people that want to buy homes go to the internet before even contacting a real estate agent. With that in mind, consider that nearly all home buyers go online, at some point, to look at the homes they intend to buy.

To go along with that, over 90% of people cite pictures as “very helpful.”

Those are statistics that I personally take very seriously. Whenever I list a home, I consult with my interior designer to make sure everything is placed properly and that the home is clean.

I then contact my photographer and videographer (same guy, actually…does amazing work).

Want to see how amazing? Take at look at my current & past listings – CLICK HERE

Pretty great, right?

Listen, I might be relatively camera savvy, but I am no expert. My expertise is in real estate so, just as you would contact a real estate agent when selling a house, I contact other professionals who are better suited to do specific jobs.


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Does it cost money? Absolutely. Is it worthwhile? You’d better believe it!

I will always invest in my clients, because they are investing in me.

They trust me, and I will do everything I can to make them comfortable with that decision.

So, if your real estate agent walks into your house and pulls out his/her cell phone to take pictures… contact me, and we will get you what you need to sell!

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